Monday, 23 May 2016

To David with love


Today I ask to you to excuse myself, but I want to "talk" specifically with one person. A little boy that used to live in my belly and now occupies all my heart!

It's beautiful, unbelievable to see you growing up, my son. It's exciting. It is a great pleasure, honor and joy be with you every day since you were just a little seed!
The days are not always easy (I know this), after all there are so many discoveries, many learnings! But you with your laughter always makes everything better. Thank you, my son. May the Lord God be always at the center of our home, that Jesus be your way, the only truth and all your life. May He can continue covering you in blessings, health, peace. That through Him the love that reigns in our lives, in our relationship continues to be stronger than your growth, your doubts.
May you never doubt the huge love and care that we have with you, my sweetie! May all that we've planted together can help you to recognize our home as your "safe haven", the place when you can snuggle yourself, that you will always be part.
And speaking about growing ... son, so many changes!!! Amazing to see you grow, your personality developing, see your likes and preferences, you making your choices. How delightful is for us to see your expressing yourself better every day in both Portuguese and English languages, showing interests and your ability to build things, gaming (even if the mother here is not exactly favorable to it).
Finally, this is only the 4th of many birthdays that we'll celebrate yet, my little big David! We love you very much and we wish you that the best of your life happen every day and that we can always be close each other, that your sweetness never end, my dear love!!!
Love you heaps forever and ever,

Mom and Dad!