Saturday, 4 June 2016

Weekly Menu, David's 4th Birthday!


In today's post I share the menu of this week (which is ending, but if can be used as inspiration in someway already fulfilled your role)!

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You can see that this week we had more chicken that usual. This is because the price was specially good, I found a producer of "happy hens" (organic), super conscious about how the cause is important and after all is affordable. I love it!!!

As for David, last week were the birthdays celebrations (day 21/05 with the father and 23/05 on daycare). Were very simple moments but good enough for him to feel how much he is loved and how we are happy to celebrating his birth in our family!

I do not have photos of his birthday with his father, but follow some pics at #ABC Epsom:

Beside the carrot cake that he chose (who follows our Instagram's profile saw when I baked and brought to school), he made the hat that he used at the happy birthday to you, won a tshirt full of lovely messages from teachers, a kit "let's practicing" to school that will starts next year (five years old) and a book that we read almost every night (he loves stories)!

Other thing that happened is that David woke up a few times during the night, about a week (which let me very tired because I have difficult to going back to sleep if awake during the night). He cried, said he was afraid of things that normally we didn't hear about it: fear of ceiling lamp, curtain, door ... finally we bought a lamp and left beside his bed. End of waking up and fright's nights!

The toilet training continues, he goes perfectly to the bathroom to pee, we even don't need remind him to go anymore, there is no more accident about it. But the " number 2"... have been more complicated. He refuses to do the potty/toilet. We have shown, spoke, played, explained... but nothing seems being effective. The good part is that David is no longer requiring nappies to make poo and is not holding until we put it (which gave some concern about he's holding it)... but now it has been all in the undies. I can't denied that all this process of talking and he denying gives a bit of frustration, of course that we do not to show it to him, but that's it. Repeating the mantra "until his 18 he'll stop it" keep going with all love! LOL

And I finish this post with this very cool photo montage (the best part was when we were posing for the camera, hahahaha)!



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