Sunday, 5 June 2016

Weekly Menu, winter is coming!!!


Today I bring (not so) delayed this week menu with meals that makes health and body happy! After all, colder days are just beginning!

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This week the focus was different kinds of protein. As a Brazilian, I can not avoid the couple "for good" rice-bean as part of our daily routine, because, as we live in a country where there is no such culture or habit (eat rice and beans every day), every time that we ate out is not so easy to find this dish so basic and present in Brazilian homes. David, for example, has lunch and afternoon tea out home, if we don't have even at dinner he would eventually losing not just the nutrients, but our culture.

Changing the subject, for those who follow us on Instagram could see the going down temperature here these past few weeks. Because of this, the daily crazy routine, some extra crochet orders (for those who don't know my work, in the portuguese version here, here and thru my facebook profile here it's possible to see a few examples) this cold weather has not helping me to keep "on the move". Besides, hubby is with a bronchitis crisis that has not helping at all...
Another thing, yesterday David's and Tadashi birthday photos were ready (yay!!!!!!), the theme of the party was Minecraft and I am writing a post with the party details, decoration... it was SO good!!! I used a lot of Pinterest to inspire me, but what made the real difference was the love that we put into each detail. Begining with our friends who kindly offered us their house to celebrate together and ending with my brother-in-law that did all the art and graphics that we use in decoration, through all the nights that me and Tadashi went to bed at 2 am and without to mention, of course, the friends who could to attend, made all the difference and live a little more in our hearts to share these so special moments with us!!!

And I finish this post with a photo that Chris Haddad took on birthday, which conveys our family unity, the love between us... and that makes all, all, all in life make perfect sense:


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