Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Weekly menu and David's progress


Today I bring you our meals scheduled this week here at home, our menu!

I've given up the idea to explain the reasons for not having posted anything since last year, give up for blame myself for the delays and... what to do about it? I'm doing things as fast as I can. And keep going...

David is 3 years and almost 11 months, recently he started to eat alone (yay!!!), we are now "in full swing" in toilet training!!! I am also more than happy and proud to share that for more than a week David is sleeping alone in his own bedroom, since when we talk about the changes, we organized the little room the way he liked ... did not wake up no one time during the night, not called us or came to our bed, no one crying moments... I'm sharing this progress with you cause it's one thing before affect  David, we had to change in ourselves first, that we've done choosing positive discipline (respecting David's time before our desires, statistics... etc). Of course it's not easy, there are bad days, it takes a great willpower to not repeat the examples we have in memory, in our history ... but the result is worth the effort. Really does.
Take a look how our kid is! This photo we took a couple weeks ago in our trip to Wellington/NZ.

And of course... this is the menu of this week:

And that's it!



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