Saturday, 18 June 2016

Weekly menu


Today brought the next week menu with a small adjustments:
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In time to time I try to observe our routine and see what needs to be modified, adjusted, suited. Sometimes it takes some change ... sometimes not!

This week I've been noticing that "the feast" or "the special dishes" always happen on dinner time because it's when we 3 (Tadashi, David and I) have a meal together, so normally I like to bring different things, tasty and special for these moments. Besides, I always saw my grandma eating this way (actually she continuous doing this today) :D.
Anyway, I realize that I've been cooking these meals much more because of the momentary wish to eat something than in fact by a plan. Now I thought it might further optimize our shopping list (and costs) establishing in fact a rule in these meals to keep at least one balanced meal with all the food groups: lunch.
Look David eating the traditional, everyday and health brazilian food
Rice, beans, meat and salad
As a typical Brazilian family, we really like the combination between rice with beans and this habit from now it's official! It will be with us in all our weekday lunches! Another thing that I introduced a few weeks ago was the fish and it's being great! So plus to rice and beans, we'll have some of seafood at least twice a week!
This pic came from a post  that I made in 2013 when I share how I cook fish but is in portuguese. But it's basically coconut oil and rosemary to seasoning, put on a steam pan, fry pan or oven until golden and serve! (Ok, I'll do a post here in English :D )

And this way we're adjusting, modifying and adapting our meals to our daily routines while we always have in mind the quality, variety, taste and pharmacy far away of our lives!!!

And that's it!



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